Demolition and construction, commercial and housing2017-12-11T16:12:18+00:00

Project Description

Location: Barcelona

In this site there was a building consisting of an underground floor, a ground floor with a commercial space and a first floor with a single house. It has proceeded to the complete demolition of the previous building.

We are currently building a new structure, with an underground floor, a new ground floor with a mezzanine floor, to continue with the commercial activity and we built 5 upper floors to locate five houses, with a lateral core to locate the staircase and lift. It is a work of special complexity due, to a greater extent, to the limited demands of space. The facade will show an elegant design integrated into the landscape of the emblematic square where it is located, respecting the global aesthetic of it.

We proceeded to demolish

Execution: 12 months

Construction: Arko Barcelona